Sunday, December 28, 2014

'Twas the Day Before Christmas

An act of holiday generosity during our busiest days of the year moved Barb to verse:

'Twas the day before Christmas, 

And from noon until night 
Double lines in the bookstore, 
What a wondrous sight!

A curly-haired redhead, 

Of perhaps fifteen or so, 
Took his turn at the counter 
And he seemed not to glow

Looking harried and nervous, 

He reached into his coat
Bringing out crumpled money, 

Scarcely like legal note

Nine dollars in cash 

For a bill of twenty one 
Try the rest on my bank card,
Hoping there was some

I tried once, I tried twice 

In decreasing amounts 
His cupboard was bare,
Nothing in his accounts

I saw his discomfort,

Also the burgeoning line 
My lips formed this thought 
You can get us next time

Then the strangest thing happened, 

The woman behind 
Had a ten in her hand 
And a smile that was kind 
Offered Here please take this!
That moment was fine!  

And so thanks, dear, sweet lady 
On behalf of us all, 
That gesture was huge 
Even if it was small


  1. Great story! Love both the idea that generosity and kindness from a stranger is alive and well AND that Guelph is still the kind of town where a local business decides to do the right thing and offer generosity and kindness as well! Just one of the many reasons why shopping downtown beats the mall any day of the week!