Monday, April 29, 2013

40 Years. 40 Books. One Shelf: A List and Contest

For The Bookshelf's fortieth birthday, we've put together a list of forty key books we've sold that have been published over the last forty years (see below). This isn't so much a "best of" list as a list of books that have been consistent bookseller or customer favourites over the years or that have been publishing firsts. In a sense, the books on this list embody what the Bookshelf has been about these last four decades.

Now that we've given our choices, we're interested in hearing about yours! Email us the titles of one or two of your own favourite books that have been published over the last forty years, aside from the ones on our list, and we'll enter your name in a draw to win all forty of the books below. Our address for suggestions is And if you add a brief explanation of why a book touched you, we'll enter your name for other prizes. We look forward to hearing from you!

We'll post (anonymously) your suggestions. To check out the customer suggestions that have already been submitted, click here.

And now our own 40 Years, 40 Books, One Shelf picks: 
Wouldn't you love to win them all!


  1. If you've ever been shocked to hear what others think of you, The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes just might explain the nature of memory to you. Told with incredible precision and insight, this is the most beautifully crafted eye opener I've ever read.

  2. Seven Good Reasons Not To Be Good has captivated me for weeks. The sleeve says it best. "In this piercingly funny and wise novel, John Gould treats mortality, morality and modernity with equal parts empathy and wit." John is a little known but absolutely amazing Canadian writer. Read it!