Saturday, October 17, 2015

Politics and Baseball

Since our announcement that The Bookshelf would be having an election party in the eBar, the response has been overwhelming. To accomodate the enthusiasm sparked by our election party, we are doing the following on Monday, October 19:

1. The Bookstore will remain open until at least 11:00pm. We will be streaming CBC election coverage on store screens and via our in-store sound system.

2. A non-partisan party will be hosted in the Bistro and Cinema, including great Green, blue, red, and orange-themed drink specials, and complimentary snacks.

3. Our friends at Miijidaa will be extending their open hours and screening the election.

4. The Liberal Party will be having their volunteer appreciation party in the eBar, and all Bookshelf patrons are welcome to stop by to say hello.

It is going to be the biggest election party we have ever had and we are very excited for it. We will have a "Speakers' Corner," inviting guests to give us a 5-10 second video clip on how to make Canadian politics better. We will also have a big surprise for those who arrive during the Blue Jays game. Come early, it is going to be BUSY! Space is limited but we believe that with all of our venues and Miijidaa operating late, we will be able to accommodate everyone. We hope to see you here. Be sure to vote before you come!

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