Monday, June 16, 2014

Frustrated with Canadian Politics? So are your neighbours.

Here at the Bookshelf, we’ve certainly heard our share of how disgruntled our customers are with the state of politics in this country. Why did Andrea Horvath have to force an election? Can the Liberals be trusted? Can Tim Hudak even do simple arithmetic? Additionally, there was continued anxiety regarding the senate scandal, supreme court judge nomination, and the fact the Green Party was left out of the debate - in summary, plenty to kvetch about.
Michael Macmillan and Alison Loat founded Samara, a non-partisan charitable organization that works to improve political participation in Canada. In their book Tragedy in the Commons, they interviewed 80 former parliamentarians who shared a wealth of fascinating revelations – more than you would glean by reading official propaganda. Michael and Alison’s book utilises the gathered anecdotal information to consider how Canadians can make things better. 

Please join Michael in The Bookshelf eBar on Wednesday June 25 at 7. Frank Valeriote will be the moderator for the evening. We need to work together to become more politically aware and politically active. While it was great to see voter turnout improve by 3% for this year’s Ontario election, we’re still just barely above the 50% mark. Join us on the evening of the 25th, for some thought provoking talk about the state of the nation, and how each of us can get involved in positively impacting Canada’s future.

There is no admission for this event, so come enjoy an evening out and talk to your neighbours!

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