Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Shelf of Booksellers (And Their Recommendations)

This morning we had a rare gathering of all the booksellers in our store over breakfast at Ox. (I'm not sure what you'd call a gathering of booksellers. A crash? No, that's rhinos. A parliament? No, that's owls. Maybe a shelf? We're a notable exclusion from the list of animal groups.) In any case, each of us was asked to bring along three books we were enthusiastic about and would like the other booksellers to keep in mind during this busy season.

So what do booksellers recommend to one another? Here, following the example of Jane Mount and Thessaly La Force's delightful picture book, My Ideal Bookshelf, are photos of some of the books that shared the table with our toast, coffee, and eggs. First the kid's books:

Then the adult/YA books:

Want more information on these books? Click on the covers below!

Kids' Books

Adult/Young Adult Books


Happy browsing!

Bookshelf Home

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