Wednesday, March 13, 2013

City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments Book One

City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments Book One
Cassandra Clare

Before I left Guelph for a graduate program in New Zealand I was given a copy of City of Bones: The Mortal Instruments Book One, by Cassandra Clare. I, being the YA lover that I am, had spotted the cover but had never gone for it. Needless to say, the mammoth book had me from the start and I was nose in spine for most of my twenty-five-hour flight.

As a newbie in a new town, the majority of my company has been me, myself, and I plus City of Bones, which has wined and dined with me on many an occasion. I'm not ashamed to say I always carry a solo-outing safeguard in my bag, whether it be a book, notebook, pen, or what have you to keep me entertained and occupied rather than staring off into a wall or at an adjoining table.

It was just after arrival that I took myself out to the movies to go see Beautiful Creatures, yet another YA book I've not read (it was entertaining...and starred babe Jeremy Irons). During the previews, the Mortal Instruments movie trailer came on, which made me want to get home and continue with my reading. 

City of Bones is dark, and Clare paints a vivid portrait of a mythic underworld in New York City with angel guardians (shadow hunters), werewolves, faeries, vampires, and other demons no human can see. The main human character, Clary, has the Sight, and witnesses a crime at a bar one night that changes her life forever. The detail and characters are all intriguing, and whether you love them or hate them, they add to the tale. Without giving shocking reveals away, I have to say that by the end I was yelling at the book and couldn't believe where Clare had taken the tale (Let me know your thoughts!).

I finished book one late Thursday morning and on my Friday to-do list was "Buy book two." After scouring all the bookshops in the downtown core, which were completely sold out, I became that customer--the one that doesn't want to order it because she wants INSTANT gratification and turns almost animalistic in demeanor while on the hunt. Blinded by the need but frustrated, I gave up and figured I should get back to my neglected research. My pen ran out and I popped into the campus bookshop to grab a new one. When I saw the last copy of Book Two: City of Ashes calling my name on a distant shelf, I swear I almost cried out.  In a line that stretched at least ten people long, all with with piles of textbooks, there was me with my pen, my teen book, and the hugest grin on my face.

The Mortal Instruments series is now up to book six, The City of Heavenly Fire, which comes out in May 2013, and there is a prequel series, The Infernal Devices, which is set in Victorian London. For more information, see Cassandra Clare's website.

- Ashley

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