Monday, November 19, 2012

The Joy of Cards

As well as having fun with books, we also have a lot of fun with cards around here. We have some terrific local talent, from water colors to whimsical photo cards.

We have cards coming from many different sources, but there are a few lines that are my favorites.

A father-and-daughter duo created Gentle Path cards, which combine original Canadian artwork from the daughter with proverbs that offer a lovely perspective. I always come away feeling calmer after ordering. As a vendor, they are prompt and very considerate; when shipping costs rise along with gas prices, they always send extra cards to help ameliorate the hit. 

Egg Press is a letterpress company that waxes affectionate with playful images. Each card is placed in an antique press so you can feel with your fingertips the indentations made by the images in the process of creation. Beautiful.

The crazy cats at Fomato never cease to make me laugh with their nonsensical ramblings. I opened up a fresh box only to find continued play with paperwork that left me smiling for a good hour afterwards. I was also thrilled to find that they have a new wedding card for the adventurous, irreverent type....

And the folks at Blue Barnhouse take the trophy for being really good at ridiculous. I would love to be a fly on the wall for their creative storyboard meetings.

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  1. I very much love buying cards at the Bookshelf! You have a good and varied bunch and just finding the right one can be fun in itself. :)