Monday, October 15, 2012

Until the Night

Until the Night
Giles Blunt

I was so disappointed in the last Giles Blunt book that I almost threw it across the room. But never judge a writer by his or her last book because not only is Until the Night a great yarn, but sections of it are so beautifully written that I thought Blunt was channelling Barry Lopez. Detective John Cardinal and his sidekick Lise Delorme cover the Algonquin Bay (read North Bay) territory. A number of female corpses are found and the duo is racing to crack the crime before the death of the next woman. Blunt grew up in North Bay and paints delicious and stunning details of the rock, trees, water, and sky. He also allows his duo to have some delicious moments of their own. The most beautiful writing, though, comes from the journal of one of a group of scientists who are in the arctic, each obsessed by his own narrow research. The two streams of narrative are separated by twenty years but there is love and passion in both. Cause and effect make total sense and Blunt must be congratulated on his compelling literary architecture.

- Barb

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