Thursday, October 11, 2012


Welcome to the Bookshelf’s bookstore blog, a sister forum to the Bookshelf’s cinema and eBar blogs. The pieces posted here are written by the people who work in our bookstore, and their aim is to inform, entertain, and perhaps even move you to contemplation, laughter, or tears. (Most often intentionally. Sometimes, maybe not so intentionally.)

Booksellers are in general a seasoned lot, steeped in the lore of books and magazines and pickled in the salty brine of contemporary culture. And the booksellers at the Bookshelf (here I speak as a humble project manager who is not himself a bookseller) are a particularly plugged-in, inquisitive, quirky, and exceptional bunch of people. As in most bookstores, booksellers here help people find the books they want or need. But in a great indie bookstore, that’s the easy half of the job: the harder half is to develop the broad cultural knowledge and to foster the kinds of personal relationships that will allow booksellers to help people find the books they don’t even know they want or need.

Over the years, the demands of bookselling at its best shape people into interesting characters indeed, and in these blogs we offer small sips of the heady liquor you can gulp down to your heart’s content when you pop in for a visit. Every day will feature a new bookseller writing a short piece about books, ideas, or the experience of working at the Bookshelf. We hope you enjoy them. Salut!

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